Dear folks, dear friends,

The congress is over!

All the speakers have returned home. The feedback we received from many
listeners (all in all there were up to 300 participants at the venue
and another 100 at a parallel event) was very positive. Not only did
the whole organization of the congress turn out very well but the
musical aspect was not neglected either, with regard to the wonderful
performances on the second evening. The music was, just like the
lectures on Traditional Medicine, representative of all the corners
of the world and created an atmosphere that could deepen the mutual
understanding even further.

The speakers also gave me the feedback that they were very content with
the atmosphere of the congress. Despite the occasional weakness in
translation, the representatives from all over the world could
communicate their philosophy of Traditional Medicine very well. My
friend Friedemann Garvelmann put it beautifully: one could feel the
'WE' at the congress. And this 'WE' completely served the purpose of
giving Traditional Medicine the importance in a healthy society which
this very society calls for.

I am very grateful that so many listeners enriched our congress. Also,
I would like to thank the speakers who came here from all over the
world, but also from Austria and Germany, and contributed to creating
this conference's special energy. For we could all feel this energy.
Even afterwards it continued to carry us, in the spirit of our work
for a medicine that is soul-centered and close to man. Many have
asked us how it will all proceed and whether we will repeat such an
event. With so much support and the wind behind us we would very much
like to do that, maybe even next year, 2019, in May. Naturally, we
will announce such news on the homepage of the congress.

In conclusion, I would also like to thank all the many helpers. On
behalf of all I may mention my daughter Bernadette Kögler, who as
the tip of the spear organized this congress not only very
professionally but also with a lot of heart. She received a lot of
great support from the also very professional employees of the
company Kuoni Congress Organization. Also the entire team of our
surgery and many, many other volunteers are the ones who made the
congress possible in the first place.

Thank you very much to all of you.

And lastly I want to encourage all of those who participated in this
congress in any way to take heart. Together our energy is very
strong, as strong as our patients deserve it. Together we will
continue to work towards this goal.

Gerhard Kögler