Congress on International Traditional Medicine

In order to facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge, the Association
for Universal Cultural Medicine organizes congresses and advanced
training for physicians, as well as regular seminars, workshops and
various events, with the aim of creating synergies from the individual
treatment approaches of traditional medicine.

Here you can watch the official video announcement of our first congress.

First Congress on International Traditional Medicine in Vienna, January 19-21, 2018

From January 19-21 ,2018, the first Congress on International Traditional Medicine took place in Vienna, where speakers from around the world offered insights into their healing methods.

Here you can find a summary of the congress including pictures.

Physicians and therapists came from South America, India, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Iran, China, and Europe, to provide listeners with an in-depth look into their work and with the opportunity to connect and interact personally. The congress was thought to aid in exploring and making
accessible a second column of medicine, i.e. the path to nature. The aim was and is to reconnect modern medicine with its traditional roots and unite everything into a harmonic whole.


The congress takes place at:

Congress- & Eventcenter Hotel Europahaus
Linzer Straße 429
1140 Vienna