2nd Congress on
International Traditional Medicine in Vienna


Dear friends of traditional medicine,

my heart bleeds, but we are obliged to cancel our second ITM congress. Our organizing team, spearheaded by Bernadette Kögler and Daniela Fuchs, has been waiting patiently and observing the situation surrounding the corona virus. Things have slowly become ever more uncomfortable. Since the evening of March 3, there has been a curfew and all travel has been shut down. And as we would have had many speakers from abroad at the congress, we are currently completely unable to plan ahead or finalize a program. Nor do our dear listeners have the motivation to register in such a situation. At the moment, other things have become more important. We also do not know how long the travel restrictions and other constraints will last. Therefore, we see it as our responsibility to cancel the 2020 congress. 

We are going to strive with all our strength to realize the congress
in autumn 2023.

It is truly paradoxical. Traditional medicine is the very one with so many ideas on the subject of viral diseases. It is upon us physicians and therapists to motivate our patients to fortify their constitution and to treat them accordingly. It is our very constitution that determines, whether we get sick from a virus or not. This is what we have learned from corona, and this is what our next congress is going to focus on. 

So, no fear of viruses and instead developing and supporting traditional medicine.

With this I would like to wish all of those who have helped in the preparations for this year‘s congress, all those listeners who have been looking forward to attend, and all of our speakers good health. I am with you in my thoughts and I am looking forward to see you all in one year.

Gerhard Kögler

To get an impression of the lectures at the 1st ITM congress in 2018, have a look at this short compilation:

Quotes from lectures at the 2018 ITM congress

"The simple physician treats the symptom, the 'advanced' physician treats the disease, but the 'superior' physician preserves the patient's health."

Old Chinese saying
quoted by Dr. Gerhard Hubmann

"Humans need four hugs a day just to survive, eight hugs to live, and twelve hugs in order to grow."

Virginia Satir

quoted by Dr. Gerhard Kögler

"Everything isolated leads one astray. Only wholeness is reliable and guides man to well-being."

Dr. Martin Buber

quoted by Dr. Katharina Krassnig

"As soon as we know the path that leads us to our centre, we are able to find it again faster and easier."

Quote by Peter Kirschner