Olaf Rippe

Born in 1960, Olaf Rippe has been an alternative practitioner since 1986, with his own surgery in Munich. For ten years he worked as a caregiver for the disabled and within the scope of the medical care for the mentally ill.

Since 1988, he has been holding seminars, especially on the art of healing of Paracelsus, as well as on herbal healing, astrological medicine, humoral medicine, and homoeopathy. He is co-founder of the association Natura Naturans – Traditional Occidental Medicine, Munich.
He writes regularly for naturopathic journals and is co-author of the books "Heilmittel der Sonne", "Paracelsusmedizin" and "Die Kräuterkunde des Paracelsus", as well as publisher and co-author of "Die Mistel" and publisher of "Pflanzenalchemie von Manfred Junius". 

His special concern is the integration of the experience and knowledge of traditional folk medicine and the hermetic knowledge of the old masters into today's medicine.

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