2nd Congress on International Traditional Medicine in Vienna

From June 19-21, 2020, we will again build bridges between modern medicine and different cultures from around the world and their respective systems of traditional medicine - from Traditional European, Chinese, Tibetan, and Persian Medicine to Ayurveda and various forms of South American systems of natural medicine.

The second ITM congress in Vienna will be held under the theme:

"Civilizational health through traditional medicine -

solutions to the impasse of civilizational diseases"

At the Don Bosco Haus in Vienna's 13th district you will be able to enjoy two full days of exciting lectures and workshops, where participants can get to know the speakers better, as well as a musical evening, which will take us all on a journey around the world.

There will also again be an interesting exhibitor area, where unique (natural) products used in alternative medicine will be presented.

To get an impression of the lectures at the 1st ITM congress in 2018, have a look at this short compilation:


Don Bosco Haus 1130 Wien

The 2020 congress will take place at the youth and adult education center of the Salesians of Don Boscos. The centre includes a restaurant, where organic and vegetarian food is served, as well as a café, which can be visited during the short breaks.

You will also have the option to book a room at the centre, if you want a place close to the congress.

Should you be interested in staying at the Don Bosco Haus during the congress, please contact their staff directly.

Speakerforum ITM-Kongress 2018 ReferentInnen

At the end of each day there will be a speaker forum, at which some of the speakers together with Dr. Gerhard Kögler will discuss various topics and answer questions from the audience.

The forum is intended to bring together different perspectives on various topics and to provide the audience with a wide spectrum of diverse approaches of the speakers' respective cultures.

Program coming up shortly...
indische Tänzerin

On Saturday, June 20, we will host a musical evening, where multiple artists from all over the world will present musical pieces from their cultures. We are looking forward to an evening of world music, accompanied with an organic and vegetarian buffet.

Please make your reservations via email at


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Quotes from lectures at the 2018 ITM congress

"The simple physician treats the symptom, the 'advanced' physician treats the disease, but the 'superior' physician preserves the patient's health."

Old Chinese saying
quoted by Dr. Gerhard Hubmann

"Humans need four hugs a day just to survive, eight hugs to live, and twelve hugs in order to grow."

Virginia Satir

quoted by Dr. Gerhard Kögler

"Everything isolated leads one astray. Only wholeness is reliable and guides man to well-being."

Dr. Martin Buber

quoted by Dr. Katharina Krassnig

"As soon as we know the path that leads us to our centre, we are able to find it again faster and easier."

Quote by Peter Kirschner