Michael Öllerer


Born in Vienna in 1963, Michael Öllerer shaped his life around sports and maintaining our health. After completing business management training and studying music, he underwent further training in the management of fitness centres and trainer care in the U.S. and Germany, parallel to his regular work. Before becoming a self-employed fitness coach in 1999 in the 23rd district of Vienna, he worked at the John Harris fitness centre in Vienna within the scope of 'Train the Trainer'. He set up multiple fitness centres in Austria and abroad and worked with sports physicians in the field of health sports.

'During the early years of the fitness scene in Vienna, roughly 1984-1994, I became aware of many discrepancies between sports and health, and dysbalances within the everyday working life of exercise enthusiasts as well as avoiders. It is only in the last few years that new approaches have been developed to help people to better balance their health parameters. Through preventive training that connects different sports and through interdisciplinary treatments, more and more people are learning how to treat the body, mind and spirit in a balanced way.'

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