Lin Bai

Born in Shanghai in 1963, Bai Lin has studied taiji, qi gong and other Chinese exercise systems with her parents since she was a child. When she became an instructor at the taiji school of her parents, she decided to study for four years at the Medical University of Vienna. She underwent additional training in taiji and TCM with the masters Chen Xiao Wang, Wang Er Ping, and ZhuangJianShen. 
After the re-establishment of the “Taiji Studio Family Bai” under her direction, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation became aware of her work and together with Bai Lin produced a 13-part TV series entitled “Das Kleine Taiji” and published the accompanying book. 
Bai Lin has since held countless seminars and workshops in sanatoria, banks, schools and companies. Her taiji school ( can be proud to have had over 16.000 course participants by now.

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