Dr. med. Gerhard Kögler

Born in Vienna in 1956, Dr. Kögler decided very early on in his career as a general practitioner to dedicate his work to the health of his patients. He underwent further training in acupuncture, neural therapy, ozone therapy, and sports medicine.

Dr. Kögler opened his first surgery in the countryside in the village of Rosenburg, Lower Austria, where he became the father of three children. He then opened his second surgery in Vienna, where after many years he eventually moved back to.
There, a close cooperation with two Chinese physicians from North China developed, which contributed to paving his way towards preventive medicine.
As the organizer of this congress, president of UCM, medical head of the TEM Academy, visiting professor at Liaoning University in China, and as head of lifeAGEnts – Centre for Preventive Medicine and Antiaging, he has set himself the goal of bringing together the systems of traditional medicine from Asia, Europe, and America into one “cultural medicine”. It is there that man, as an individual as well as a part of the whole, shall find his philosophy on and towards health, and physicians may serve as catalysts for this process. As the base and fundamental structure for his work, Dr. Kögler created the “Ring of Prevention”. His first book Burnout was published in 2018 by Bacopa.

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