Dr. (AYU) D. K. Srivastava

Dr. Srivastava is one of the most renowned specialists for Ayurvedic puls diagnostics in India, winner of the “Indira Gandhi Excellence Award”, and head of the Navjeevanam Ayurveda clinic in northern India. 

He was also awarded the gold medal as well as the star medal from the International Institute of Health & Science in Calcutta. 

He completed courses on Panchakarma and Kshar Sutra therapy. It is of great importance to him to import to his patients the value of a healthy and happy life and his primary therapeutic approach is an individual combination of various medicinal herbs, which are grown with great care in the Himalayas. Dr. Srivastava has been invited multiple times to come to Europe to give lectures and hold seminars or workshops, e.g. in Sweden, Hungary, Germany and Austria.

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