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The world has changed dramatically in the last 100 years. Not only are we witness to an alarming degree of environmental destruction, we are also seeing humanity’s increasing dependency on computer and nano technology as well as genetical engineering. If we now consider solutions and consequences, we automatically arrive at the topic of increased prevention. With all of our modern knowledge that we have acquired, we know what to avoid in order not to get sick. And much of that we find in traditional medicine.

Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine requires that as a physician I need to truly understand my patients, their way of thinking and their way of life. As we live in a global world, we as physicians have patients from around the world in our centre, which makes it sensible for us to know different mentalities and ways of thinking. Therefore, Dr. Hong Ying, Dr. Hong Li, and Dr. Kögler decided to establish an association called UCM (Universal Cultural Medicine). This association has set it as its goal to bring together into a new system all the positive aspects of systems of traditional medicine such as TCM, Ayurveda, TTM (Tibetan), TPM (Persian), shamanic medicine from South America, and especially TEM (Traditional European Medicine). Thereby, this international tradition is to have validity for all people, address them within their own mentalities, and ‚pick them up‘ at their own images.

Congress of International Traditional Medicine

The first congress of International Traditional Medicine will take place in Vienna from January 19 to January 21, 2018. Lecturers from around the world will attend and present their traditional healing methods. Physicians and therapists will come from North and South America, India, Tibet, Mongolia, Iran, China, and Europe, in order to give deep insights into their work in communication with the audience. The congress intends to give an understanding of the second side of medicine, that is the access via nature. The aim is to reconnect modern medicine with our roots in nature and in tradition, and unite them all into a new whole. 

More details about the congress on the page ITM-CONGRESS.
The congress is hosted by the Association for 
Universal Cultural Medicine (UCM).

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Dr. Gerhard Kögler

President of UCM

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HongYing Li, MPH-TCM
Vice-President of UCM

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HongLi Li, MPH-TCM
Accountant of UCM

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Bernadette Kögler

Secretary of UCM